Project Counsel

Managing major projects with reduced legal budgets and reduced in-house attorney staff is a recurring issue for Brand Counsels and General Counsels at most major corporations.

As Project Counsel, Stacey Kalamaras has worked with the intellectual property groups of major corporations to fill their needs on various projects or fill in when key legal personnel are out on extended leave or when corporations are between hires.

Significant Value at Reasonable Cost

Stacey has the legal management experience and skills to assist corporate counsel by playing the key role of project counsel, working alongside internal company stakeholders to see a project through to completion.  Given the structure of her firm, she is able to offer significant value to corporate clients at a reasonable cost, helping to keep the corporate clients on budget while still delivering exceptional work product.  To learn more about these particular services, please click here to learn more about Stacey or contact us.


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