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Stacey C. Kalamaras

Stacey is the founding partner of Kalamaras Law Office. She brings extensive big law experience to the firm, having started her career in Washington, DC, close to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and more recently here in Chicago, where she worked for one the world’s largest law firms, managing global trademark portfolios.

Stacey has extensive intellectual property experience with a focus on trademarks and copyrights, as well as, advertising issues related to promoting clients’ brands.

Clients trust Stacey because of her no-nonsense approach to the law. That’s because Stacey comes from Corporate America too, spending more than ten years managing and promoting some of America’s best-loved brands. Her business experience combined with her legal training results in a unique approach – practical, legal advice which solves real business issues as efficiently as possible.

Stacey provides practical, skilled advice to her clients in counseling, strategic analysis, prosecution and enforcement advice in the areas of trademark, copyright and advertising law. She has significant experience in the management of domestic and global trademark prosecution with a focus on large, trademark portfolio management in more than 120 countries for a number of different industries. Stacey’s commitment to excellence provides desirable client results.

Stacey loves to travel. She’s worked with colleagues all over the world and managed a business in Puerto Rico. Stacey has studied criminal justice and law in England and Argentina, respectively. Having traveled throughout Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean, Stacey dreams of one day going to Russia and returning to Turkey for a more in-depth adventure.

When she’s not working, Stacey plays tennis regularly and hopes to start using the golf lessons she began a few years ago. She dreams of some day writing a great American novel, and she loves going to the movies, cooking and spending time with her niece and three nephews.

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