false advertising kalamaras law office kloKalamaras Law Office helps clients navigate the world of advertising laws including false advertising, claim substantiation, and rights of publicity. We can help draft influencer agreements, a sponsorship agreement, an advertising agency agreement including statement of work, various vendor agreements, and counsel clients with respect to sweepstakes and promotions. Specifically our capabilities include the following:

Advertising and Marketing Clearance

We regularly review all marketing collateral communications (both traditional and new media) to ensure intellectual property compliance as well as counsel clients on proper claim substantiation for competitive and comparative claims. If requested, we can coordinate the clearance of television commercials with the major networks. Contact us for more information.

Rights of Publicity Issues

Since advertising and marketing campaigns often involve celebrity endorsers, we assist our clients with rights of publicity licenses and releases. Please contact us if we can help you.


In order to promote your brand, you may want to hire an influencer to talk about your brand on social media. Did you know there are certain rules the influencer needs to follows? We can help draft the agreement and advise how the influencer should disclose their relationship with your brand. Maybe you will be sponsoring an event or promotion. If so, we can help draft the appropriate agreement. We regularly assist our clients by drafting influencer agreements, sponsorship agreements, co-branding agreements, vendor and agency agreements, including accompanying statement of work, and any agreement that involves your brand. Contact us to learn more.

Sweepstakes and Promotions

Whether you want to hold your promotion online or through traditional media, we can help ensure the sweepstakes, contest or promotion is compliant with the appropriate rules.  We know the regulatory schemes and consumer protection laws surrounding sweepstakes and promotions.  Please contact us if you have or are thinking of conducting such a promotion to boost sales for your brand.